A Survivorship Action Partnership


ASAP, more formally known as, A Survivorship Action Partnership, is a new global initiative funded by Movember.

ASAP is made up of an international network of representatives (clinicians, academics and patients) and organisations across the UK, Canada, Australia and other countries – working together to identify and demonstrate the best and most cost-effective models for improving prostate cancer survivorship care and support. 

The idea is simple: in order to make a step change in finding ways to improve survivorship outcomes for men with prostate cancer, we need to change practice in the healthcare community and among men and their families.

ASAP in the UK

The ASAP network in the UK is a £4.5 million collaborative which brings together a wealth of experts who are working in collaboration to develop evidence-based practical solutions, through pilot projects, that can be applied from a local to a national level and (in some cases) internationally.

During Autumn 2012, we invited interested private, public and third sector organisations and individuals to apply to become party of the ASAP UK network. In February 2013 we brought together over 50 people from across the country to our first ASAP UK workshop, where we identified areas of greatest need and developed project ideas for improving prostate cancer care in the UK. 

Attendees included Prostate Cancer UK volunteers (living with and through prostate cancer), academics, clinicians, nurses, carers and a wide range of other health care specialists. Teams then worked to develop the most promising proposals into detailed three-year action plans. 

These plans are currently being reviewed by independent experts, before final approval by the ASAP UK Steering Group. Details of the projects will be announced in Spring 2014.

If you would like to join or support the network, for example becoming a pilot site, please email: asapuk@prostatecanceruk.org.