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We’ve been campaigning since 2009, and here are some highlights of our work so far. Thank you to all our supporters, men with prostate cancer and their families, health professionals and politicians who have supported our campaigns.

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Campaign update

2013 was a busy year for us.

Access to medicines

We won an award for our 2012 campaign to get abiraterone approved on the NHS for men who've already had chemotherapy, and to follow that up in 2013 we worked with volunteers to make the case for the drug enzalutamide to be available on the NHS. We’re delighted to say that the SMC (Scottish Medicines Consortium) backed our position and has now approved the drug for use in Scotland for men who've had chemotherapy. We are now challenging NICE's decision about the drug’s use in England and Wales. It’s great news that more prostate cancer drugs are coming through the pipeline. Together we are making sure that men’s voices are heard when they are assessed for use on the NHS.

Policy and Campaigns Forum and new projects

In March we had the first meeting of our Policy and Campaigns Forum, where people affected by prostate cancer, clinicians and staff from across the charity help us decide which projects we should take on next. We’ve now met three times, and have got the ball rolling on a project to look at erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer treatment, a study into the clinical nurse specialist workforce, work to push the Scottish Government to run a national cancer patient experience survey, and research into the mental wellbeing of men who have prostate cancer. You can also send in suggestions for the Forum to consider.

Our Quality Checklist

Our campaign to get our Quality Checklist adopted across the UK got fully underway in 2013, with parliamentary receptions in Westminster and Holyrood. We reached over 100 MPs and 50 MSPs at these events, asking them to help us get support in their local area. We followed this up at the main political party conferences, getting the support of many more politicians. Now, all MSPs and over 200 MPs have pledged their support, which is fantastic.

Thank you

A big thank you to everyone who campaigned with us last year. We’re really looking forward to building on this momentum in 2014, and welcome any comments and suggestions about our work for discussion at our next Policy and Campaigns Forum meeting.

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Here's a snapshot of our work from 2009 - 2012

2012 - Value-based pricing
When the Government announced that from 2014 all new branded drugs will be assessed using value-based pricing, we wanted to make sure that people affected by cancer had a say in this new system. We worked with thirteen other leading cancer charities to produce a report - Value-based pricing: Getting it right for people with cancer. This sets out the key recommendations which came out of research we commissioned. 

2012 - Quality Checklist
Over several months we gathered views on what makes good care from lots of people affected by prostate cancer, and clinicians. We used these to develop our Quality Checklist, which sets out the care we think men with prostate cancer should get. It has been well received. The Royal College of Nursing and Royal College of General Practitioners are among those who have endorsed the Checklist.

2012 - Abiraterone
We're delighted that post-chemotherapy abiraterone is now available to men regardless of where they live in the UK. Initially the drug was rejected for use on the NHS. But we campaigned with supporters against this decision, and in June 2012 the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) reversed its draft decision for England and Wales, the Health Department in Northern Ireland endorsed this decision, and the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) followed suit.

2011 - Testing Choices
We launched this campaign to ensure that all men at higher risk of prostate cancer can access the balanced information and one-to-one support they need to make an informed choice about the PSA test. We have now closed the campaign and are now developing new and better ways of ensuring men have the balanced information and support to make informed choices about testing.

2010 - Our first Campaigning Day
Our first campaigning day saw people across the UK take action to improve prostate cancer support services in their area. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of the support services that men with prostate cancer need and to find out whether these services are being provided locally.

2010 - Pledge for Prostate Cancer
In the run up to the 2010 general election, we called on MPs and MSPs to take action to reduce inequalities and improve prostate cancer services. Many MPs and all MSPs have signed the pledge. Before the next Westminster general election in 2015, we will again be calling on prospective MPs to make a commitment to improve care for men with prostate cancer.

2009 - Hampered by hormones?
We ran this campaign to ensure men who receive hormone therapy and their partners have access to high quality support and information. The campaign called for the urgent implementation of clinical guidelines on the care of men with prostate cancer to address unacceptable gaps in services.