Local launches

Over the last few months we have been promoting the Quality Checklist in four areas within the UK through local launch events in the community. The Quality Checklist sets out the care men with prostate cancer should expect to receive. We have been promoting it through local launches to build relationships with key NHS organisations to help push for it to be adopted across the UK.

Where have we launched?


On 20 March we held the first Quality Checklist local launch in Lambeth, at the Lambeth Accord. We chose Lambeth because the area has the highest incidence rate of prostate cancer in the country. 14 people attended this event including health professionals, councillors and members from various cancer support networks.

JimOur Chief Executive, Owen Sharp started the day off with a speech about Prostate Cancer UK and gave some background about the Quality Checklist and how it can benefit men.

Local Councillor Jim Dickson (Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing) spoke next about the high incidence of prostate cancer in Lambeth, followed by Steve Gledhill (one of our enthusiastic supporter campaigners) who shared his own personal experience of prostate cancer. 

"I think the checklist is a very useful tool, I think men too often accept the system and this really highlights their right to a quality level of care. Men have been at the core of the checklist and I think this is very important." Damian Shannon, Men's Health Forum

Following the launch, a drop in session was held giving men the opportunity to speak to a Prostate Cancer UK specialist nurse about prostate cancer.

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ManchesterWe held the second of the local launches on 17 April at the Manchester Conference Centre.

Manchester was chosen as a pilot area to enable us to build on existing links that we have in the area and to work with The NHS Christie Foundation's leading urology centre. 

This time 19 people attended including clinicians, councillors and support group members.

Drew Lindon, Head of Policy & Campaigns began by speaking about the Checklist and an overview of Prostate Cancer UK, followed by Councillor Glynn Evans (former Executive Member for Adults Services) who gave an informative speech about Manchester being a leading health authority and also gave his support of the Checklist.

John HeyworthUp next was John Heyworth (one of our dedicated volunteers) who spoke about his prostate cancer journey and how he thought the Checklist was a useful document, which his local Clinical Commissioning Group (East Lancashire) is also supporting.

"Although I was given guidance on treatment options, there was no guidance on which treatment was the most appropriate, so I had to do my own research." John Heyworth, volunteer

Following speeches, a lively discussion was held which focused in the benefits of the Checklist and how it could be used in Manchester.

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Stuart WatsonWe visited Birmingham City Football club on 31 May for our third launch. As well as launching the Checklist we were also promoting the opening of our new Birmingham office.  An impressive 28 people attended the session, not only from Birmingham but from further outside the city.

"The event was well worth attending." Roger Fallon, The Shropshire and Mid Wales Cancer Forum.

We kept the format the same as the Manchester launch and the speeches began with Drew who gave an overview of the Checklist, before Louise (our Community Services Support manager) spoke about the services that we can offer in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Stuart Watson (one of our trained campaigners and a volunteer with the charity) gave a heartfelt talk about his experience of prostate cancer and his involvement with the Checklist.

The discussion session was productive and informative with a lively debate around similar issues that had been raised at the Manchester launch. 

"The Checklist sets out clear standards to follow, which hopefully will ensure greater consistency across the UK." Mike Ince, Solihull Prostate Cancer Support Group

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The launch in Glasgow was the fourth event in this series, and was held on 14 June 2013 at the Crownpoint Sports Complex to launch the Quality Checklist. We chose Glasgow as our Scottish pilot area to build on existing relationships in the area and to capitalise on the new urology services at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Glasgow14 people attended the event including two MSPs, a West of Scotland Cancer Network patient representative and three specialist nurses from across two health board areas.

Drew began by speaking about the Checklist and an overview of Prostate Cancer UK, followed by Tam Hewitt (one of our dedicated volunteers) who spoke about his prostate cancer journey and how he thought the Checklist was a useful document.

Up next was John Mason MSP, member for Glasgow Shettleston who gave his support of the Checklist, and spoke about its importance as a tool for men and the difference between the Checklist as a tool for men and the government's Quality Performance Indicators for use by the government and the health boards.

The discussion was lively and touched on a range of issues surrounding prostate cancer and the information available, as well as how the Checklist could be used by the health boards in Glasgow and further afield.

"To achieve the best possible care and support, all health boards must sing from the same song sheet, and that song sheet is this checklist." Charles McQueen, Paisley Prostate Cancer Support Group.

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What happens next?

Over the coming months the Campaigns team will be:

  1. Promoting the checklist to men across the UK
  2. Working with a small number of pilot sites across the UK to provide intensive support for them to implement the checklist
  3. Working with campaign supporters and others to encourage other NHS organisations across the UK to pledge their support for the checklist.  

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