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Beyond the Ultimate - Ultra Marathon Series

A true test of adventure and endurance, this ultra marathon series picks out the most spectacular locations to run some of the toughest, most picturesque, ultra marathons on the planet.

We've teamed up with Beyond the Ultimate to offer a 20% discount on place costs, in return for committing to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK, for any event in their Ultra Marathon series, when booked directly with Prostate Cancer UK.


We've picked out two of the events series to highlight:

The Jungle Ultra, Peru - 230km, through 5 stages

24 May 2013

Following a route from the Andes to the Amazon, this is 230km of tough jungle trails, mountain roads and village tracks leading their way down from 10500ft in the Cloud Forest to Amazon Jungle below.  There is no jungle in world like that of Peru, with its virgin forests, diverse wildlife and numerous tribes still living there even to this day, you will experience all of this and more.

The Desert Ultra, Namibia - 250km, through 5 stages

15 November 2013

250km across beautiful yet inhospitable desert terrain that makes up the Namib.  Cross ancient dried-up river beds, traverse huge dune fields, run through grasslands all with mountains and volcanoes as a backdrop, a truly amazing race awaits those willing to tackle this challenge.

Event Costs: £1500

Minimum Fundraising pledge: £800

Take a look at the Beyond The Ultimate website for more informaion on the events themselves, and email to sign up