The University Challenge!

Have fun - Do good

No-one knows more about prostate cancer and prostate disease than we do. The problem is, we don't know nearly enough. You can make the difference so join the fight now. You can;

  • Organise your own event
  • Organise a RAG Raids or join our RAG Raid in London on 29 October
  • Be a fundraising volunteer at our Football League  games and watch your own club play for free!
  • Take part in a sporting or challenge event

So are you interested in taking part? Then please get involved now.


We can help you with:

  • Fundraising materials
    Stand out with our eye catching branded materials. T-shirts, banners and more! Available (for free) to help pimp out your event. Just click get involved below to tell us what you'd like to do and we'll send you out the materials you need.
  • Media
    Contact us for help with press releases, statements, and advice on how to engage with your local media.  Get our official logo to use on posters, tickets and websites.
  • Social media
    Link to our social media sites to help promote your events.
  • Advice
    We're pretty confident you are brimming with innovative fundraising ideas but, should you need a helping hand, our friendly team of fundraisers are on hand to help with any queries.

So, if you're studying at university and want to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK, click get involved and join the fight now.