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At a time of the year when we are thinking about the important men in our lives, let's give them the greatest gift we can - our solidarity and voice!

Show your support with others across the country by joining the pledge today:

"I believe men and those who love them deserve better. This Father's Day I pledge to raise my voice to encourage the men I love to know their risk of prostate cancer."

We've a wealth of information right here on our website to help you have those important conversations. And when you join the pledge, we'll do even more to help:

We can send an infographic e-card about risk to the man of your choice.
After you join the pledge, you can order a free pocket-sized guide to help you start the conversation.

Join here:


Who would you like us to send the risk infographic to?
Share with us your dad's email address, or anyone else's - we'll email him an infographic about prostate cancer risk along with your personal message. We'll only store these details for the purposes of sending this message, then we'll delete them.

Would you like to know about other ways you can support men?
In addition to your pledge reminder, we’d also like to tell you about other important news and opportunities to support men. We can only do that if you tick the box below.

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