What's volunteering like?

Fancy hosting an awareness stand? Taking part in a focus group? Or joining our bucket shaking team?

Then here's the place to find out what it's like being a Prostate Cancer UK volunteer and some top tips and advice.

Hosting a stand

Alister Walker At Dundee College3 

Bob provides his tips on hosting an awareness stand, including setting up, appropriate places and handing out information. Find out more

Talking to the media


John shares his experience with dealing with the media and the importance of preparation before you speak to a reporter. Find out more

How you can make a difference

Jean Herd
Jean explains how one small act from a volunteer can make a huge difference. Find out more

Awareness talks

Ron Photo 2

Geoff tells us what volunteering means to him and the reaction he gets to carrying out awareness talks. Find out more

Focus groups

Focus groups 

Kenneth details the value of focus groups and what you can learn from meeting others and sharing your views. Find out more