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Press releases

Sharleen Spiteri speaks out in support of The Prostate Cancer Charity

<p>Texas&nbsp;singer Sharleen Spiteri spoke exclusively to <a href="" target="_blank">The Scottish Sun</a> about her father's&nbsp;experience of&nbsp;prostate cancer&nbsp;in support of The Prostate Cancer Charity and&nbsp;Prostate Cancer Support Scotland's&nbsp;decision to join forces. The coming together of the&nbsp;charities will ensure that all men in Scotland&nbsp;will&nbsp;have access to good quality information to help them cope with the impact of the disease. Sharleen's support of the Charity&nbsp;was also featued in the <a href="" target="_blank">Daily Record</a> and on <a href="" target="_blank">STV</a>.</p>

Sharleen Spiteri and Lord David Steel

<p><span>Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri and <span>First Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, Lord David Steel,&nbsp;have shown their backing&nbsp;of The Prostate Cancer Charity and Prostate Cancer Support Scotland's decision&nbsp;to join forces.</span></span></p>

New Urine test

<p><span>Dr Kate Holmes, Research Manager at The Prostate Cancer Charity, spoke to the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph,&nbsp;The Gu<span>a</span>rdian and BBC News Online&nbsp;about a new and&nbsp;reliable&nbsp;urine test which can detect whether men are at high risk of developing prostate cancer.</span></p>

Preliminary results of an abiraterone acetate trial

<p><span>John Neate, Chief Executive at The Prostate Cancer Charity,&nbsp;spoke to&nbsp;the&nbsp;Daily Telegraph, BBC Online and The Sun about the preliminary results of a trial of almost 800 men who took abiraterone acetate <span>and</span> lived almost four months longer than <span>men</span> given a placebo.</span></p>

University of Illinois Research

<div><span>Dr Kate Holmes, Research Manager at The Prostate Cancer Charity, spoke to the Daily Mail about new research&nbsp;carried out by the University of Illinois, which&nbsp;revealed that a chemical found in babies' bottles increase the risk of men developing prostate cancer later in life.</span></div> <div><span></span></div>


<div><span><span><span>Dr Sarah Cant, Head of Policy and Campaigns at The Prostate Cancer Charity, spoke to the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph, about cabazitaxel,&nbsp; <span>a new drug</span> which could&nbsp; <span>give</span> men with advanced prostate cancer two extra months of life.<br /> </span></span></span></div>