Prostate cancer cells


We’re using Researchfish to gather information about the outputs and outcomes of the research we fund.  This helps us to easily identify, and report back to our supporters on, the contributions we’re making to the fight against prostate cancer.

Using Researchfish to collate data should help save researchers some time too, because you’ll only need to report on your research outcomes and outputs once.  You can then easily attribute relevant details to each funding organisation.

It’s also important to note that we will only be able to see the information and research details you attribute to Prostate Cancer UK information.  We cannot access data attributed to other funders.

You can find out more about Researchfish and how it works at

What happens next?

Once you’re awarded a Prostate Cancer UK grant, we’ll add you to our Researchfish account and you’ll automatically receive an email from Researchfish.  You then need to use the link in the email to register on the Researchfish site and build your profile and research portfolio.  You can keep this, and your CV, updated throughout the year with new grants, publications etc.

You will be able to keep us up to date with new information on Researchfish all year round; however, we’ll ask you to ensure you submit up-to-date information to us annually, at the same time as your usual end of year report date. You will receive reminders of this date by email.