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We began 2012 as The Prostate Cancer Charity. Merging with Prostate Action, we forged a new identity as Prostate Cancer UK: a bold, dynamic and very human organisation, with men at the heart of everything we do.

The generosity of our supporters and of The Movember Foundation has allowed us to invest even more in world-class medical research and the best possible information and support for men.

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One of the big questions in prostate cancer research is how can we diagnose prostate cancer better? We've awarded grants to two new clinical trials working to improve diagnosis through refining imaging technology. Sound familiar? That's because these trials are part of a growing wave of research in this area and things are moving fast.Read more

The Movember Foundation has announced the largest ever global investment to improve life for men with prostate cancer. The project, named True NTH, will develop and perfect programmes of care that can be shared around the world and recreated so all men can benefit from the best ideas. And we're leading the way in the UK.Read more

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