How we spend your money

We believe men deserve better. It’s that simple. That’s why in the last year we’ve invested £16.6 million in research, services and awareness. It’s why we’ve raised £26.6 million with the help of Movember. It’s the reason we’ve ensured the calls to our helpline are up by 15%, why we’ve distributed over half a million information leaflets and booklets (up 58% from last year), and why we’ve made sure we’ve nearly doubled the number of monthly visitors to the information pages of our website.

Putting men first was why we merged with Prostate Action and why Prostate Cancer UK is now the largest men’s health charity in the UK. It’s why we made working with health professionals a priority, through running educational training to testing new services such as our successful Get Back on Track fatigue programme. It’s the drive behind our continued work to trial new ways of reaching out to men at high risk of developing prostate cancer, particularly African and African Caribbean men.

It was the prompt to open five new community support centres across the UK – Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow and Croydon – to help support men (and their families) living with prostate cancer in their own community. Men are at the centre of everything we do.

We know that when it comes to improving treatments, diagnosis and our knowledge of prostate cancer, research is and always will be the answer. The 17 new pilot awards and project grants (£2.7 million) we funded will help us find these answers. So too will the £800,000 spent on new PhD Studentships and Fellowships, creating the next generation of prostate cancer research experts who will make the future breakthroughs men deserve. With the help of Movember we plan to invest £25 million on research in the next three years.

We’ve forced the conversation back to men’s health. Our award-winning campaign helped reverse the decision on accessing the life-extending drug abiraterone on the NHS, and the Quality Checklist highlighted the inequality of access to good quality care for men in the UK with prostate cancer. The Quality Checklist has been endorsed by 161 MPs and MSPs, The Royal College of General Practitioners, Royal College of Nurses and the British Association of Urological Nurses.

We’re not alone in recognising the need to improve access to better care for men in the UK. But there’s much more to the last year than impressive numbers and statistics. In June we launched our new name and visual identity and followed that up with our MANifesto – a bold statement of intent to find answers, lead change and support men. The Sledgehammer Fund marked our first ever large scale public awareness campaign, raising awareness of us as an organisation and waking up the nation to the reality of prostate cancer.

The last 12 months has been a hugely successful period for Prostate Cancer UK, but each improvement, each new service and every research project we’ve funded has highlighted the need to do more. Working together, we can and will make a brighter future for men in the UK.

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