Day of Action - 30th March 2011

On Wednesday 30 March 2011, we held a Day of Action during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month to launch and secure MPs' and MSPs' support for our Testing Choices campaign.

Testing Choices aims to ensure that all men at higher risk of prostate cancer can access the balanced information and one-to-one support they need to make an informed choice about whether or not to have a PSA test.


What we did

  • We asked you to email or write to your MP, Scottish Parliamentary Candidates, AMs or MLA about the campaign.
  • We held an event in the Westminster Parliament to launch Testing Choices.
  • We trained ten volunteers to lobby MPs and gain their support for the campaign.
  • We hosted a drop-in session for MPs to meet our ten volunteers to listen to their personal experiences of prostate cancer.
  • We asked MPs and MSPs to wear our blue man pin badge.
  • We attended spring Party Conferences in Scotland to meet Scottish Parliamentary Candidates and highlight the campaign.

What we achieved

With your help we successfully raised the profile of prostate cancer and the Testing Choices campaign with politicians:

  • You sent 115 letters about the campaign to MPs, Scottish Parliamentary Candidates and Welsh Assembly Members.
  • Over 1 in 5 MPs supported the campaign by asking questions about prostate cancer in the House of Commons, attending the Charity's reception or drop-in session, writing to the Department of Health and wearing the Charity's pin badge.
  • Two MPs asked the Prime Minister questions about prostate cancer.
  • Over 100 MPs and MSPs signed our Pledge for Prostate Cancer in Scotland.

We wanted to get the public behind our campaign and take action:

  • Over 200 of you across the UK took action to support the campaign.
  • Over 175 of you emailed or wrote to your MP, AM or Scottish Parliamentary Candidate.
  • Over 120 of you signed the Testing Choices petition.

What next?

The Day of Action was successful in launching and building support for Testing Choices, laying the foundations for us to take the campaign further over the coming year.

You can help us continue to build this support by signing the Testing Choices petition today.