Prostate cancer research

We keep up to date with research to better understand the impact of prostate cancer on the African Caribbean community.

In 2008, we carried out a survey to explore awareness of prostate cancer in African Caribbean men and found that:

  • only 15% of the men knew that they were at a greater risk of developing prostate cancer compared to white men
  • only 22% of men aged 55 and over knew that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men
  • 69% of men aged 45 and over did not know what the prostate does.

We recently funded a review of the research into perceptions of prostate cancer in the African Caribbean community and the effectiveness of projects to improve knowledge and adoption of healthy behaviour. We have also part-funded papers within the PROCESS Cohort Study which explores incidence, clinical presentation and access to health care in black and minority ethnic groups in the UK .

All of this learning is vital in helping us improve the information and services that we, and the NHS, deliver to the African Caribbean community.  As well as improving our own services, we also

  • share this learning with healthcare professionals through our shared learning and educational events and
  • lobby government to improve the services provided by the NHS.

Visit our research page, for more information about research into the causes, prevention and treatment of prostate cancer.