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Get back on track

It's a ten-week telephone service delivered by our Specialist Nurses, and it's been shown in a 2012 trial to help men cope with fatigue. But it's not suitable for everyone.

Call our Specialist Nurses on 0800 074 8383 to find out whether the service is likely to help you. If not, our nurses will help you find the right kind of support for your needs.

What is Get back on track?

Get back on track is a service that was developed in collaboration with King's College London and found to be effective in a 2012 trial by Prostate Cancer UK (download the trial results).

Taking part in the programme lasts for around 10 weeks. A specialist nurse from Prostate Cancer UK will call you four times over that time, and each call will last between 30 to 45 minutes.
The aim of these calls is to support and encourage you to make positive changes to your behaviour and lifestyle which should mean that your fatigue symptoms are improved. Changes in behaviour could include increasing exercise levels slowly and gradually, increasing social activities, getting back into hobbies, or changing your diet.

To give the best opportunity to improve your fatigue, the nurses use an approach that attempts to increase your awareness of your own behaviour patterns, and how these could be contributing to the fatigue.

We've also found that many men have more energy at certain times of the day, so we ask you to record how active or fatigued you feel each day in a daily activity diary.

How do I get involved?

It's easy: Just call our Specialist Nurses on 0800 074 8383 or fill in our form and they'll assess whether or not the service is likely to help you. If so, you can sign up for the program right then. If not, our nurses will help you find the right kind of support for your needs.

What men say:

"I thought the service was superb, with the support nurse being so kind, understanding & thoughtful. She was at the very heart of everything and so very encouraging."

"I did not think that I would be able to manage my fatigue through this programme but thought I should give it a try. Now I can see how I have benefitted considerably through the help of a structured, managed approach to improve my tiredness and build on my progress from now on."

"Speaking to someone about my fatigue made me more aware of it and so I was able to work against it in a more effective way. Being told it was possible to change things also helped. It was good to have fatigue recognised as a problem that can be changed."

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The Get back on track service is confidential between you and Prostate Cancer UK. If you contact the specialist nurses, you may choose to provide personal information which will only be used for the purposes of the service.

Any personal information provided will not be passed on to anyone else without your express permission except in exceptional circumstance to comply with the nurses' code of professional conduct or the law. Examples of this might include children contacting the service reporting abuse, anyone reporting serious self-harm, anyone expressing the intention of harming someone else, or if a terrorist threat is reported.

Your personal information and details of the call content are stored on a secure database. Data you provide by completing a questionnaire will be stored securely and only the person responsible for evaluating the questionnaire data will have access to this. We will ensure that no individual is identifiable from the data he provides. If for any reason you wish to have your personal details or data removed from our records, please contact the specialist nurses. All sensitive data will be securely stored for 2 years for statistical analysis and then securely destroyed.


Call Monitoring

Calls are recorded and monitored for training purposes. This is an important part of maintaining quality on the 'Get back on track' service. All calls are kept confidential to Prostate Cancer UK and are destroyed securely after use.